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Unleash your automated CRM potential with Stergo your go-to CRM masters. Transform your business worldwide with Salesforce, Twilio, and AI magic. Join forces with the likes of Paysign, Marker Trax, and more – elevate your success and customer bliss today!


CRM Customization and Implementation

We offer CRM implementation services across various industries, with expertise in mobile wallet integration and finance services. Using our extensive knowledge of CRM customization and with our team of CRM experts, we can help you understand and create solutions for your specific business needs.

Aside from specializing in customizing and implementing CRM for your business, our experts make sure that you know how to use the platform and continue to use it in the optimum way to benefit your business.

Our team offers administration and maintenance, which will help you realize a higher return on investment (ROI) with your Salesforce implementation. This will save your company time, money and efforts (and headaches) associated with perfecting and supporting your chosen Salesforce Solutions.

CRM Services

Not only will we help you develop a CRM solution; we will make it a reality. To ensure that you, our customers, know how to use the platform and continue to use it in the optimum way to benefit your business, we offer the following services: 

CRM Implementation

We have an extensive technical understanding of the Salesforce Platform. We can help you with jump starting with Salesforce products, requiring a multi cloud-implementation, re-engineering your business processes with Salesforce, or transforming your current Salesforce implementation.

CRM Customization

We’ll make sure that we’ll meet your business needs, boost end-user experience, and maximize your investment. Our highly-skilled team will spare no detail from platform development to customization.

FlexServe - Managed Services

Our unique flexible support, a.k.a. FlexServe, aims to accommodate every need of our client at a very cost effective price point. Through FlexServe, we will continue to deliver value long after launch.



At Stergo, we offer a comprehensive suite of products to help businesses drive growth, improve customer engagement, and streamline their operations. Our portfolio of CRM solutions has been designed to address a wide range of business needs and requirements, making sure that we have a solution that fits every need.

Service Cloud

Our Service Cloud solution helps businesses improve their service operations, enabling them to connect with customers across multiple channels and devices. With Service Cloud, companies can ensure that their customers receive the best possible support, improving their overall satisfaction and building brand loyalty.

Field Service Lightning 

This solution is designed to help customer support teams manage their field service operations. It provides real-time visibility into field technicians, allowing the team to allocate work intelligently and ensure that customers receive the best possible service.

Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud solution helps businesses manage customer engagement and drive revenue through marketing campaigns. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools for email and marketing automation, social media engagement, customer analytics, and more, helping businesses reach their customers wherever they are.

Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud solution is designed for sales teams, helping them to sell more efficiently and effectively. It automates many of their daily tasks and provides a centralized platform for managing customer communication, so salespeople can focus on what they do best – selling!

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) 

Our CPQ solution helps businesses generate quotes for orders quickly and accurately, improving the speed and efficiency of the sales process. It integrates seamlessly with other business technology, ensuring that data is accurate and up-to-date. 

Marketing Cloud for Account Engagement

Formerly Pardot, this solution is specifically designed for B2B marketers, providing them with the tools they need to execute complex campaigns and drive revenue. It offers a centralized platform for all marketing activities, so marketers can work more efficiently and effectively. 


The Twilio platform is a communication platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) that provides businesses with flexible communication solutions. It enables businesses to choose the communication strategy that works best for their customers and implement it in their chosen Salesforce solution. With Stergo, clients can use the Twilio for Salesforce app to improve their overall customer experience and communication.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is the first comprehensive AI for CRM. It’s an integrated set of AI technologies that makes the Customer Success Platform smarter. It enables businesses to become an AI-first company so they can get smarter and more predictive about their customers. It is available through Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Platform, Analytics Cloud, and Community Cloud. 


OpenAI ChatGPT is an artificial-intelligence (AI) chatbot. It can perform a variety of tasks — from producing text pieces to responding to inquiries and even developing codes. Its advantages offer users human-like interactions, quick and accurate responses, customizable, and scalable. It can be used for customer service, virtual assistance, content creation, and even research.

At Stergo, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible solutions and services to help them succeed. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and requirements, and tailor our solutions accordingly, ensuring that we always deliver the best possible outcome.


Our CRM Development Process and Approach


All projects start with the discovery phase. It’s in this stage when we listen to your requirements – objectives, pain points, and the ideal outcomes. This is also the time when our team will work together with you to share your process.


When your project goes live, our FlexServe doesn’t end. It’s only the beginning. We will continue working with you after launch, monitoring your environment and finding ways to make the enhancements you’ll need to continue growing with the platform.


When the new design is validated by both our teams, our development and implementation teams will start to work on it. Our unique approach ensures that the solution ties in seamlessly with the way you do business.


Who We’ve Worked With

Our clients are also our partners, who have benefited from our industry knowledge and experience by implementing best practice solutions within their businesses quickly and efficiently.

As Stergo, we’ve landed in the US and Europe, where we have implemented Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Pardot for companies in the health, finance, gaming, and manufacturing industries.

Paysign is a nationally recognized card payment solutions provider and integrated payment processor based in Henderson, Nevada, in the US. For the past 20 years, it has grown to become a well-known provider of tailored card programs to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and source plasma industries.
Marker Trax™, also based in Nevada, is a patented casino advance line system. It reduces the risk of issuing markers to patrons, which makes the gaming experience more convenient and accessible to players. It provides patented financial technology solutions to help operators optimize their offerings, whether it’s evaluating risk, ensuring compliance, analyzing data, or creating a frictionless solution for the gaming industry. 
Koin Mobile, an associate of Market Trax, is a financial wallet for the gaming and hospitality industries. It is a complete omnichannel and bilateral payment solution that delivers for both the casino operators and the players. With its fully integrated financial wallet features, it allows casino patrons to have access to funds any way they choose— anywhere, anytime.
Abena is a Danish manufacturer and wholesaler of health care and medical products for industries including restaurants and hotels, cleaning and waste management solutions, protective wear, skin care, and most notably, diapers for infants and adults. It operates in more than 90 markets around the world, with subsidiaries in 13 countries, and production facilities in Sweden, France, and its hometown of Denmark.
Kamet is a financial technology company based in Mexico. It provides financial products, with an estimated setup time of less than five minutes, to its customers without them having to leave their homes. It is powered by an app that allows its customers to do all day to day services like paying for your Light, Water, gas, TV, and many more, allowing them to control their expenses.